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Meet the team members that help make sure Qualco continues to excel in the pool industry.

Chief Executive Officer


Pete as CEO, guides Qualco’s growth with the help of his two sons Thomas and John. Pete’s main interest is in controlling the financial health of Qualco, acting as its Chief Financial Officer.

Vice President - Operations


John, as Vice President, is in charge of and responsible for the day to day workings and operations at Qualco. John’s main task is to ensure and oversee the timely production, warehousing and distribution of all orders.

Vice President - Sales & Marketing


Thomas, as Vice President, is responsible for all Sales and Marketing activities at Qualco. Thomas’s main task is to create sales opportunities for Qualco. In addition, he tries to solve customer issues and to be responsive to all our customer’s needs. 

Director - Purchasing & Production Planning


Ed, as Director, is responsible for all Purchasing and Production Planning activities at Qualco. Ed’s main task is to source our raw materials at the best quality and price, worldwide. Further ensuring that the factory is producing our products cost effectively.
Director - Production Planning & Logistics


Juan, as Director, is responsible for all Plant, Production and Logistic activities at Qualco. Juan’s main task is to oversee all the manufacturing of our various products, including the safe operation and safety of all our employees. He is also responsible for all the shipping and receiving activities.

Manager - Brand Development & EPA/State Registraion


Debbie, as Manager, is responsible for all Branding and Registration activities at Qualco. Debbie’s, main task is to create the labels for any of the products we produce. She is also responsible for maintaining our Federal EPA Registrations and to ensure compliance with all the States EPA requirements.

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